Crypto Billionaires Dying Tweet: How Viral Twitter Posts Sparked Conspiracy Theories

In November 2022, two tweets about deceased crypto billionaires went viral, igniting a storm of conspiracy theories and speculation across social media. These “crypto billionaires dying tweet” posts highlight how unexplained deaths and tragedies can fuel online rumor mills.

The Tweets That Kickstarted the Speculation

On November 3, Naija_PR tweeted: “Another crypto billionaire, Tiantian Kullander – co-founder of Hong Kong blockchain firm Amber Group – died unexpectedly at the age of 30 in his sleep.” This post received over 700 retweets and 1,500 likes.

Crypto Billionaires Dying Tweet

Just a few days later, MailOnline tweeted: “Crypto billionaire Nikolai Mushegian drowned in Puerto Rico at age 29 after tweeting conspiracy theories about elite pedophiles.” This tweet garnered over 1,100 retweets and 3,500 likes.

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These two “crypto billionaires dying tweet” posts spread rapidly across crypto Twitter and Telegram groups, sparking intense speculation about what caused the deaths of these young billionaires.

Background on the Deceased Crypto Executives

Nikolai Mushegian, aged 29, was the founder of MakerDAO and a prominent figure in decentralized finance (DeFi). Just weeks before his drowning death in October 2022, Mushegian had tweeted extensively about elite pedophile conspiracies.

Tiantian Kullander, aged 30, was the co-founder of the Hong Kong crypto firm Amber Group. He passed away unexpectedly in his sleep in late November 2022.

Crypto Billionaires Dying Tweet

In 2022, several other young crypto executives also died unexpectedly, including Robert Frost of Chain and QuadrigaCX’s Gerry Cotten.

The Conspiracy Theories Spreading Across Crypto Billionaires Dying Tweet

The ambiguous causes and odd timing of these billionaires’ deaths made them prime fodder for speculation.

Some responding tweets theorized the executives were murdered for threatening to expose corruption. @cryptobull2025 tweeted: “Mushegian obviously knew too much. He was taken out before he could blow the lid off the rampant fraud and manipulation in crypto.”

Others suggested intelligence agencies assassinated the billionaires for defying central banks. @jacksonwong2012 tweeted: “3 young crypto billionaires dying in less than a month? This is no coincidence. CIA is obviously assassinating those who threaten the central banking cartel.”

While provocative, these conspiracy claims lack substantiating evidence. Nevertheless, the “crypto billionaires dying tweet” posts fed the rumors, which spread rapidly in the crypto community.

Criticisms of the Conspiracy Theorizing

Several crypto influencers cautioned against unfounded speculation about the deaths.

CryptoWhale tweeted: “Seriously, stop with the conspiracies about crypto billionaires being assassinated. It’s stupid speculation without proof and disrespectful to the deceased.”

A CoinDesk op-ed also argued: “Crypto Twitter needs to learn lessons from the irresponsible Web3 conspiracy echo chamber that assumed FTX’s fall was sabotage. The recent deaths of crypto execs have logical explanations without jumping to wild murder conspiracies.”

crypto billionaires dying tweet

Nonetheless, the conspiratorial reaction to the “crypto billionaires dying tweet” posts reveals the crypto industry’s tendency toward paranoia and distrust of authorities. The lack of transparency fuels such dangerous conjecture.

The Need for Responsible Discussion

While the viral tweets sparked engagement, spreading rumors without evidence can be destructive. Rather than exploit these deaths, the crypto community should wait for complete facts from investigations before theorizing.

The deaths are certainly tragic. But allowing the truth to emerge is better than propagating hysteria. If official reports point to natural causes, suicides, or accidents, crypto influencers must accept that reality rather than peddling conspiracy clickbait.

By discussing the deaths responsibly, the crypto industry can avoid a misinformation spiral. As more details come to light, Twitter users should highlight facts rather than react to the conspiratorial rumors ignited by the “crypto billionaires dying tweet” posts.